Ghostwriting: A word about authorship

I recently wrote a white paper that named a client as the author. I even laid it out myself, using Scribus desktop publishing software to make a professional-looking document. It looks great, but I must admit I am a little bit frustrated because I would like to show it off to other people as a sample of my work. I can’t do that, though, because I would not want to reveal that the client didn’t write it himself.

When I ghostwrite a document such as a magazine article or white paper, my objective is to showcase the expertise of my client. Even though I am the person putting words to keypad, I am channeling the knowledge that I have obtained from my client through interviews and existing literature. For this reason, it is entirely appropriate to name my client as the author.

Writing is time-consuming and difficult. If you have a project on the back burner that you have had the best of intentions to get started someday, talk to me about getting it started today. The result will be a well-written document that provides valuable information to your customers and makes you look great!